Thursday, August 16, 2012


A new year of dance has started and we're all excited for our dancer to have some fun.  I think she may be a bit excited too...can you tell? 

Ballet 2


Ballet 3
"Don't forget to take a picture of my hair!!"

I am all the time telling everyone that she is growing entirely too fast (whether they want to hear or not) but when you look at last year's ballet picture it is easy to see. My goodness how those changes sneak up on us when we aren't watching. 

She's especially excited this year because not only is she starting a new season of ballet but tap as well. Which means, much to her excitement and mama's dismay, buying new clothes, tap shoes, and a whole extra day of dancing with friends.

  Tapper 2

Tapper 3

Tapper 4

Tapper 1
"Did you get my hair this time?"

Seeing her excitement as she waits for class to start each week makes it all worth it.  I'm so thankful we have a terrific studio that is nearby now so that she can have this opportunity to be involved in something she loves so much.  Her excitement has spread throughout the house as we watch the video of last year's recital daily and I'm sure next year I'll be here posting about my two little dancers.   

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