Monday, August 13, 2012

Sick day

Sick Kait

My littlest love is sick today and this mama's heart can hardly take it. These moments in parenting I am so thankful I am able to be here with her when she needs these extra cuddles and love. Though, I certainly wish that I could make her feel better I will find comfort in knowing I am doing everything I can to make it just a bit easier on her, something I can only hope she feels as well. Soon I know she'll be good as new and back to her adventurous self, but until then we will stay here in mama's bed to read, rest, and cuddle the day away.


  1. Poor little baby...I hate when the little ones are sick!! I always think it's so sweet when they always want to snuggle in mama's bed mine always do too!! Feel better soon little one:)

  2. Thank you. She still hasn't gotten over the last of it but is starting to feel much better.