Monday, August 20, 2012

In the bag

It seems we have inherited my mother's love for bags around here. My girls are constantly filling a bag whenever they are leaving the house (or a room) and need to have a different bag for every occasion. Right now, in fact, the top 4 things on my crafty to-do list are bags requested by them. So it should come as no surprise that these were my go-to gift for birthdays this summer...

Tote 3

tote 4

Tote 2
Tote 1
Tote 5
Tote 6

I love the size and simplicity of these bags.  They are perfect for carrying around art supplies, favorite toys, and precious treasures.  I love being able to use those special little pieces of fabric that I've saved but haven't had a project for as well.  That little rose fabric above is one of my favorite pieces, and was originally made into a doll dress with just a bit left over. 

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  1. Speaking of - I could use one like that. loved them all