Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project Tiny House...

Yes, another house. Some of you have noticed from the pictures we have taken so it isn’t really much of a surprise I suppose. We are becoming quite the professionals at moving, though I hope to put an end to that very soon. This house is very tiny, especially compared to our old house, and yet everything seems to be fitting just perfectly. That could have a lot to do with the fact that we did some major purging before this move but it seems more than that. Right now, in this moment this is exactly where we are meant to be and I think that has more to do with it than anything.

We’re going slowly throughout the house and making each room our own. Turning this into more than just a stopping point on our journey towards our forever home (and hopefully farm). Turning this into our home. I want my children to look back and not remember moving so many times during their childhoods that they feel ungrounded, missing a home base. I want them to see the adventure in new beginnings and surroundings and the excitement of making each new thing their very own. So far we have been successful, much to this mama’s delight.

We’ve enjoyed picking out new colors and repurposing old materials to give this house a life of its own. The transformation is far from over, but that is all part of the fun isn’t it? Each of us finding a few special things that make us smile and feel right at home.

House 2

This has quickly become this mama's favorite place to be. Sitting out watching the girls playing in the yard or sitting quietly in the evening with my honey watching the sun go down. Now that the weather is cooling off you'll find me out here more and more often.  My chairs are still awaiting a fresh coat of paint but until I can settle on a color they'll just have to wait.

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