Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bug out!

It’s a funny thing that all around blogland I see people writing of the turning inward that comes with fall. It seems to have a different meaning for us this year. The summer heat was so unbearable that we found ourselves indoors much more often than we would have liked. We’re embracing this cooling down and heading out into our surroundings to take in everything that fall has to offer. I know our time for moving inward will be coming soon so we want to take advantage of opportunities like this one.


  Bug 2

Bug 4 

 Kinsley rescued this little guy from being trampled during a game of hide and seek. The funny thing about Kaitlyn's love of all things bug related is that it has started to rub off a bit on Kinsley. Don't get me wrong, she still wouldn't touch them but she was curious and concerned enough to want to get a closer look at this caterpillar before moving it to safety. We've been very careful not to make her feel badly about her fear and not to push her into growing out of it.  Only she knows what she is willing and able to handle and it is such a joy to see her blossoming at her own pace.  She may never really like bugs, but that's perfectly okay too.  

I would really like to add some field guides to our book collection, and maybe make some themed baskets to pull out for moments like this.  If you have any good resources please let me know!

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