Monday, October 8, 2012

I no wike soccer

Yep.  That's how she feels about it, and she'll tell everyone that asks her.  It seems a bit ridiculous to even worry about an activity for a 2 year old, I know we never even considered it when Kinsley was that age.  Kait was so upset at another year of not getting to be a "byrina" like her sister so we wanted to find something for her.  We never expected her to really follow the rules but we did think she'd have fun running around with the kids...wrong.   She cried.  The whole time.  Needless to say we cut soccer short.  She does love playing at home though.

Soccer 5

Soccer 4

Soccer 2

 We always said that we'd want the girls to give new activities a try but we'd never force them to do something they really don't enjoy so our soccer season is over.  She does love playing at home though.  Maybe next year...

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