Thursday, November 15, 2012

Babies and Llamas

BOW Llamas 2

Boy has my sewing machine been given a workout these past couple weeks.  By far my favorite project was this Mama Llama and her babies.  I used this pattern from Bit of Whimsy Dolls.  I have several of her patterns and they always turn out amazing and are so much fun to make.  These Llamas were no exception. 
BOW Llamas
BOW Llamas 3
Don't you just love her holding her baby?  I backed this baby with a light pink minky dot fabric which makes it super soft and cuddly (though a bit more of a pain to work with).  But of course one adorable baby llama just isn't quite enough. 
BOW Llamas 4
BOW Llamas 5
BOW Llamas 6
BOW Llamas 7
BOW Llamas 8

I seriously can't stand all that cuteness in one little basket!  I decided to leave the arms off the babies in the interest of pure laziness but I still think they turned out great.  It's hard to pick a favorite but the blue fabric with the trees is probably the winner.  I just love fun little projects like this that work up quickly and turn out amazing.  So much fun.
But without a doubt the single best thing about this project has to be this...
Kait Llama
Quite possibly the very first project I've made that this little one has cared about even the slightest.  From the very beginning she was interested.  Even while they were still just an odd shaped piece of fabric without even a face, she would come up and pick up this piece and tell me she loved it.  Every so often she'd come back to check on my progress and tell me "I yub them bunnies" and then she'd be off again.  Finally they were finished, all in a basket together and I couldn't believe the squeal of delight that came out of this little girl.  She immediately found her baby and it was pure love. 

This picture really says it all. She hasn't let go of her baby for more than a minute or two in the past two days.  Holding it up to her face and grinning so big it looked like her cheeks would burst.  Cuddling it, patting it like a baby and taking it to bed with her.  It makes a crafty mama's heart sing to see her little ones love a mama-made so very much.  Especially a little one that up until this point has turned her nose up at everything else made for her. 

"I yub this baby, mama.  Him my baby bunny and hims beautiful."   What more could a mama want?


  1. These are so sweet!! I know what you mean with working with's a pain but oh so soft!! It's always so rewarding to make something the the kids really love. Very sweet craft I might have to add one of the babies to my must make list for my littlest would make for a great stocking stuffer

  2. Thank you! They are the perfect size for stockings and cuddling.