Saturday, November 17, 2012

New friends

The girls and I had our first day at our new homeschool play group yesterday.  They were a bit nervous on the drive over but quickly found everyone to be very sweet and welcoming.  We were so happy to find a Waldorf inspired community to become part of since we aren't able to attend a traditional Waldorf school. 
Woodward 12
Woodward 4
Woodward 3
Woodward 2
Woodward 6
Kinsley jumped right in and quickly joined the crew without a second look.  Meanwhile Kaitlyn played the part of casual observer and watched the majority of the day from a great distance.  She did come into the circle for snack time though she planted herself firmly on my lap for that activity and the remainder of the afternoon.  A little bit of role reversal for my girls, and a bit of a surprise for mama.  Though the wonderful thing about this type of environment is that they were both free to find ways to enjoy and make the most of the experience.  They are already looking forward to next time. 

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