Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Late Autumn

Leaves 2

Late autumn is being quite good to us in these parts even though it seems to have arrived  much too quickly.  The weather is absolutely lovely, cool and crisp but still beautiful. I'm most excited this year that we are actually seeing some beautiful colors emerging in our trees as I was nearly certain the drought was going to steal them away.  We are really embracing the season this year both outside with our nature walks, leaf gathering, and just general running about and inside our home as well.

We've added a bit more decor inside including this new banner above our late Autumn nature table.

. Autumn Table

The nature table has been an ever changing work in progress in our home. Traditionally they are more for display of seasonal themes and treasures but that hasn't quite been the case for us. Perhaps due to the low height of our table or simply the young age of our children, our table is more of a seasonal themed play area than anything. Rather than trying to keep little hands away from things or being frustrated at fixing the table multiple times a day, we are embracing this stage of play. We added our new gnome home to the table this season and now it is the perfect place for all our seasonal friends to play.

  Autumn Table 2
I certainly can't blame them either.  Wouldn't you want to live right here if you could?  This year it certainly seems to be easier to enjoy the last moments of fall before rushing into the Winter holiday season doesn't it? 

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  1. Oh I want to come play with your nature table! I LOVE the gnome home, is that from Willodel?