Monday, November 19, 2012


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Thanks to a picture posted on facebook one day by Little Acorn Learning we found a great new addition to our book colleciton and a companion for our Autumn explorations.  We were always stumbling across some great discovery that we had no clue about and now we have this handy resource to find our answers. 

I love that the book has full color picutres and gives a bit of information about each listing such as where is might be found and whether or not it is edible.  We aren't going to be testing out that last bit of information however, I'm not quite brave enough for that one.  Though we did have our first experience with Morels this year. 

It has certainly been a season full of adventure and new experiences.  Now we're coming to the end of our Autumn adventures as we prepare ourselves for the coming of Winter.  The weather is already bringing more of a chill to our mornings and the warm days are certainly few but we will not let this stop us from embracing these last days that Autumn has to offer.  There is still plenty to do before Winter takes its hold.

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