Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Crafting

Those rare moments when we aren't outside rolling in the snow we are all gathered around this table elving our little hearts out.  So much goodness is being created around here lately.

Letters to Santa are being created, decorations colored for a visit to the local nursing home, ornaments being made for family, and so much top secret gift making that just can't be shared quite yet.  Always with cups of hot cocoa nearby of course.  Lots of running about and whispers (that are sometimes louder than speaking voices) in an effort to hide all the handmade goodness being created.  Such a busy time for these little elves.

Santa Letter 1

Santa Letters 4

Santa Letters 3

Any time "Mama's markers" come out for a craft the girls are sure to dive right in.  I certainly can't blame them, I can't resist all those bright colors either.  We need to pick up a few more blank ornaments on our next trip to the craft store, the girls really want to decorate more to give as gifts.  

Ornaments 4

Ornaments 1

Ornaments 6

Ornaments 5

Ornaments 2

I love the little reindeer thumbprint ornaments.  We used the same method as we did on our Christmas cards last year.  We simply dipped our thumbs in regular acrylic paint and printed them right onto the ornament.  After the paint has dried the embellishments are easily added with Sharpies.  I love how simple it is to complete, even for little crafters, yet the end result is so cute.  We have the year on the reverse side and I just might go back and add our names under each print.

Ornaments 7

Ornaments 8 

We also needed some new gift tags this year, and with all the gift making going on around here we'll likely need a few more before it's all over.  We used a free printable from Raggedy Scrappin for our tags, I thought they were so cute!  Since the girls colored them rather than using premade tags they are almost like a little gift themselves. 

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