Friday, December 20, 2013

Mistletoe Kisses

This year has been a year of removing things from the dreaded to-do list.  In an effort to keep the holidays stress free and family focused many things were simply put off for another year.  Precious few things were absolutely necessary this year and anything else that was accomplished has simply been a bonus.  Many more moments were spent snuggling by the fire and watching the lights sparkle on the Christmas tree.  Many more hours of sleep have been had this season, and that, my friends, has been wonderful.  There have been moments of worry over not getting things done, of course, because that is simply how my brain seems to be wired.  Thankfully I've had some little reminders that those things simply aren't what matters and back to the tree we go.  

Mistletoe 2

We did add one new activity to our season this year, a hunt for mistletoe.  We've never had mistletoe up in our decor and for some reason this year it felt like the thing to do.  We certainly had never gone out and gathered it ourselves either.  Daddy assured us that he knew just where to find lots of mistletoe so off we went on the hunt.  It turns out, however, that Daddy might have been just a bit mistaken.  We trekked through lots of woods searching high and low for our desired greenery without much luck.  Thankfully there were lots of other beautiful sights to keep us in good spirits and willing to go just a bit farther.  

Mistletoe 3

Mistletoe 4

Mistletoe 8

Mistletoe 1

With a slight change in location and just as we were about to give up we finally spotted it.  The girls were happy to gather themselves each a basket full of mistletoe to bring home, though we were a bit disappointed that ours didn't have any of the pretty white berries attached. 

Mistletoe 5

Mistletoe 7

I'm not sure that gathering mistletoe will find its way into our annual Christmas activities but for this year we certainly did enjoy it, and the loads of kisses (and even more giggles) that have resulted from having it.  

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