Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Days

The days before the predicted snow fall were filled with much looking out windows and wishing on stars for the two littlest members of the house.  When the first rogue flakes began to fall the excitement could no longer be contained.  At the first sign of a slight dusting of snow on the ground they exclaimed "Oh Mama!  Look at all the snow, it's everywhere!" and I couldn't help but laugh just a bit.  I hadn't realized they wouldn't remember well what a proper snowfall looked like.  It didn't matter to them that it wouldn't even count as snow to most people, to them it was wonderful.

The next morning when I woke to their screams I knew they had seen the snow that had fallen overnight. They rushed out in their jammies for the first taste of snow for the season and since then they have been out in it just as much as Mama will allow.  Within minutes of coming inside and with cheeks still pink from the cold they are begging to go out again, determined to soak up every bit of winter fun they can.  

Snow Day 8

Snow Day 9

Snow Day 11

Snow Day 12

Snow Day 13

Truth be told I don't even mind the endless drying of gloves and puddles of water on the floor.  Watching their sheer joy at something as simple as a small snowfall makes every bit of it worth while. 

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