Friday, December 6, 2013

Saint Nicholas

Nicholas 3

 Today I woke to the children screaming in joy. Today was Saint Nicholas day AND there was snow outside. What more could two little girls need to make a wonderfully perfect day? We always look forward to celebrating Saint Nicholas together. It's a simple celebration centered around doing good for others and looking outside ourselves so it rings true with the ideals we try nurture in our girls.

Nicholas 1

 Today while they did receive a small gift from Saint Nicholas we will be focusing on the ways we will be helping others this season. Our normal trip out to collect and deliver supplies will have to wait until the weather clears a bit but that doesn't stop us from gathering supplies at home and preparing for several other service acts we will be a part of in the next several weeks. We might even trudge through the snow to take some goodies to a neighbor this afternoon. I don't think I'll have too hard of a time convincing the girls to go back out.

  Snow Day 3

Snow Day 5

Snow Day 6

Snow Day 4

I feel I need a bit of a disclaimer for this post.  I didn't let them play outside all morning in just their jammies.  These pictures were within minutes of waking and they had been waiting all night in anticipation for the snow to fall.  There was to be no stopping the excitment.  I did, however, insist they put on boots before heading out. 

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