Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice

Well the first day of winter certainly came in with a bang...and a crackle and snap if you're listening to the trees all around us.  Even before we were in bed last night the world around us began to ice over.  We awoke this morning to everything glistening and the girls marveled in the beauty of icy covering.

  Solstice 2

Solstice 3

Solstice 4

Solstice 5\

While there certainly is much beauty to behold, having gone through a few ice storms in our days, Daddy and I began to prepare for the eventual loss of power that was likely to come.  As the tree branches began to droop lower and lower under the weight of their icy blanket we knew our time was limited and then just as predicted...

Solstice 6

It was Kinsley who questioned "why is the tree smoking?" and brought our attention to a troublesome branch at the back of the property.  And within moments the electricity flashed and the lights went dark, seconds later a transformer blew down the street as well.  

We are fortunate to have a heat source that does not rely on electricity and so our afternoon went on much as was planned.  Spending our afternoon sitting by various windows throughout the house working on and wrapping our Christmas presents for one another.  Happy when the lights came on only because it illuminated our tree once again (a very important aspect of Christmas cheer in our home it turns out).  

The power has since flashed on and off a few times since then so it is very likely we will lose power again before this storm is over.  And if that happens we will simply move from our spots near the windows and closer to candle light as darkness approaches.  Enjoying a simple (and thankfully warm) Winter Solstice. 

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