Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marine Baby

A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to make a quilt for a sweet friend of mine out of her husband's t-shirts, many of which represented his time in the Marines.  What she didn't know is that I saved the front pocket designs hoping to use them for a special gift for her one day and this year I finally found the perfect opportunity and used them to make a baby blanket for her newest arrival.

This was such a sweet little project to work on because I knew that she wasn't expecting it at all and surprises are always so much fun.  I had one extra piece that was a duplicate from the larger quilt, and used the smaller pieces around it to make a very simple blanket.  I backed the whole thing with brown minky fabric and I am telling you that the combination of that minky and those well loved t-shirts makes this an extra cuddly and soft blanket.

Baby blanket

Baby Blanket 2

This is exactly why I am thankful to be able to craft, making meaningful things for the people that I care about is an incredible feeling.  Especially when those things are so well loved.  It makes my day when people I've made things for (whether it is friends, family, or customers) write me long after the fact to tell me how much they're enjoying something or send me a picture of their littles snuggling with something special I made for them.  My girls and I both have lots of special handmade goodies that we treasure and I love being able to create that some experience for others.

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