Saturday, June 21, 2014

Working Garden

Besides our fairy tea garden and our vegetable garden, we have another fun garden that the kids can enjoy.  The kids have their very own "working garden" that is theirs to do whatever they wish to.  It's the perfect place to create, imagine, plant, and dig as much as they could possibly want.  Weeds aren't a problem, but a welcome addition in this garden of wild adventure.  There are absolutely no rules, only creative freedom and that is a beautiful thing.

This year they've planted and replanted more times than I can count, hauled out buckets of soil and returned even more, and even added a few fairy touches just in case a fairy might want to come work along side them one afternoon.

Working Garden 6

Working Garden 1

Working Garden 4

Working Garden 2

Working Garden 3

Working Garden 5

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