Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mermaid Party

Mermaid Party 2

We finished off the birthday celebrations with a mermaid themed birthday party for our newly big girl.  You see, now that she's 4 she is no longer little.  At all.  Trust me, she'll tell you all about it if given the chance.  We kept the celebration pretty simple and small, she has never been one to enjoy a big crowd or too much activity so a simple family party at home was perfect for her.  Pinterest of course came to the rescue with lots of fun mermaid themed party ideas and I pulled out some of my favorites to use.  

Mermaid Party 4

Mermaid Party 5
These adorable cupcake toppers were made for us by Torri from Made by Lily Kate on Etsy.  They were a huge hit with the birthday girl and the rest of the party goers.  

Mermaid Party 6

Mermaid Party 7

Mermaid Party 10

The girls even made their own bean bag toss game!  Though we decided to make some of the fun DIY sponge balls to throw rather than using the beanbag fish I had made to protect the game (and the party goers) from the force of the rather large beanbags.  It worked out great and they used them while playing in the sprinkler later that afternoon as well.  

Mermaid Party 12

Mermaid Party 13

Mermaid Party 14

I'd say the day was a total success if that smiling little, I mean big, face means anything.  Four is certainly going to be a lot of fun.  

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