Friday, May 29, 2009

The Fruits of our Labor Aren't Fruits at all...

Without labor nothing prospers. ~Sophocles

And as you can see none of us are given a free pass when it comes time to work in the garden. We've spent a great deal of our free time in this garden but it has been a joy to do so. I have immensely enjoyed spending time in the garden with my Sweet Pea, even if we were only pulling weeds.
I know many people in our area have taken to planting a garden this year because of the current state of our economy. I will admit that was a motivating factor in deciding what we planted this year. This isn't our first garden, although its the first at this house, but it is certainly the most thought out. I made sure to plant the things that we eat the most in order to help cut down on our produce purchasing this year. The main motivation though was to teach our daughter where food really comes from. I know she's still small but it's never too early to learn. It amazes me that so many kids think their food simply comes from the grocery store and have no idea that you actually grow it. I can't wait for the Sweet Pea to be able to help pick her favorite fruits and vegetables right out of the yard. The garden is really taking off so it won't be long before we get to start.

I was so excited to see our first sign of production when we were watering last night.
It's the very first vegetable to appear, a bell pepper. It's certainly not my favorite thing in the garden but none the less I am beyond thrilled to see it. It is so gratifying to see the fruits (or in this case veggies, lol) of your hard work.

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