Friday, June 5, 2009

Summertime Already?

According to these two little girls summer has arrived. They couldn’t wait to get out the sprinklers and their swim suits. This past Saturday was a great day for it, it was over 90 degrees and we were running out of things to do for the day. It was the first time the Sweet Pea has ever experienced the sprinkler and we were worried how she would do since she hates to get her shoes wet. I’m not kidding; she has a meltdown anytime she gets water on her shoes so we were pretty skeptical about this experience. She did great though. I think having her favorite cousin over really made all the difference. She was a little apprehensive at first but it didn’t take her long to warm up to the idea and before long we had to make them take a break from it.

It didn’t take long for talk of the swimming pool to emerge, but I was just not ready to drag it out and set it up so we compromised. We have a large tub that I use to catch rain water and we filled it with new water and let them splash around for a few minutes.
They thought that was about the best thing in the whole world. It looked cold to me though! I see lots of pool time in our future this summer.

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  1. Oh how fun, we just went yesterday and bout a small hard plastic pool and play sand for that and a big hard plastic pool for water and a slip and slide so summer is here, ready or not! Great pics and Blaze does not like to get anything on his hands that feels funny so that is why I was excited about him playing in the dirt the other day.