Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy (Late) Father’s Day to all you guys out there! I hope you had a wonderful day of doing exactly what you wanted.

Now I of course love Mother’s Day but I think Dads deserve their day just as much; especially around here. The Hubby definitely deserves a day devoted to him for being such a great daddy. The Sweet Pea will attest to the fact that she has a wonderful daddy. It takes a special kind of guy to leave his tough guy image behind to willingly play tea party and Barbie dolls and dance like a maniac in the living room to Elmo for the zillionth time (even in front of friends and family). I’ve always thought the Hubby was wonderful but seeing him interact with our daughter since she’s been born has made me love him even more. To see the compassion and love he has for our little girl makes my heart swell with happiness. I couldn’t have asked for a better daddy for our Sweet Pea.

So in honor of the Hubby I decided to make Sunday a special fun day for him to spend with the Sweet Pea. I offered to cook breakfast but they decided on Froot Loops instead. He got his card and a hat from the Sweet Pea that she picked out herself. We were in Academy a few days ago and she spotted a camo hat similar to ones that the Hubby wears every day and proclaimed “Daddy’s hat” so of course that’s what we got him. Then she took a card and a photo keychain over to her Papa (my FIL). My own dad is currently out of town this weekend so we’ll have to make a special day for him when he comes back.
I planned a big lunch for the Hubby and made some of his favorite things. I was planning on grilling some pork chops but my MIL offered to make lasagna so I let her! Hubby likes her lasagna and since I had been cooking since 9am, I figured it would be one less thing I had to make. Although it did seem odd to have Lasagna with fresh green beans, new potatoes and broccoli & rice casserole.
I also made a chocolate pie for the Hubby and a coconut cream pie for my FIL. (See dad, you missed out on all the goodies. I would have made you a blackberry cobbler!)
After lunch the Sweet Pea and Hubby spent the afternoon swimming and playing outside. Then we all came inside for nap time. Yea for nap time! Yesterday evening Hubby built a fire and we grilled Po’Boys for everyone and then roasted marshmallows and made S’mores. Yummy! I’d say it turned out to be a pretty good day; at least that’s what the Hubby said. Unfortunately it’s Monday yet again…back to the real world.

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