Friday, June 26, 2009

Return of the Craftiness

I feel like I’ve neglected the original purpose of this blog. I started this blog not solely as a way to keep family and friends informed of our goings on, but to showcase craft projects. I noticed, however, that since the first of the year, when I started blogging again, I have only featured one craft project. So in six months I’ve completed one crafty project from my never-ending list. Ugh. That’s pretty pitiful really. Especially since I gain such satisfaction out of working on my various crafty projects.

I hadn’t realized how much I pushed my crafting aside while dealing with everyday life. I need to get back on track, especially with Christmas coming in just a few months. My list of gifts to make is ridiculously long and if I don’t start now I’ll never finish. So today I am making this pledge to you my fellow bloggers that I will complete at least one craft project each and every week. Even if that means simply a Play Doh Rose for my Sweet Pea, crafting will reign supreme again in our house.


  1. Yay for craftiness!! No way that's made out of play doh?

  2. Yep it's totally play doh. It's the only thing I can make though. lol