Thursday, June 11, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I decided on the title for this post because that is what is on my mind. My camera seems to be having technical difficulties. This is the sort of picture it is taking all of a sudden. I haven't dropped it or accidentally washed it or anything so I'm not sure what the deal is. My best guess is the Sweet Pea has gotten ahold of it and changed settings that I don't even know exist. I'm still looking though...
No that's not a tiny doll sitting on a rocking chair, that happens to be the Sweet Pea sitting on the World's Largest Cedar Rocking Chair. I bet you didn't even know it existed did you? See, you already learned something new today! We were on our way to West Texas to help get my parent's house ready to put on the market and stopped in Natty Flat, Texas for lunch and this is what we found. The chair is 25 feet 10 1/2 inches tall and weighs 5,672 pounds. Now let me interrupt and say that I know I said we found this in Natty Flat but to be perfectly honest I'm not sure if its a legitimate town or not. There was a road of the same name and it seems to be spoken of as though it is an actual town but it's certainly not on any map I've seen and mapquest thinks I'm nuts too. Maybe it was a town at one point and this is all that's left? Really I have no idea. I just wanted to add that little disclaimer so I'm not passing on any lies to you wonderful people.

Whether it's a legitimate town or not, you have to check it out. We stopped at the Natty Flat Smokehouse and had some great bbq for lunch. There is also a gift shop and a Texas Hill Country Mercantile next door (which wasn't open for the day yet unfortunately). But I have it on good authority that its something to see. So the next time you are in the area stop in and have some lunch and then stand next to the World's Largest Rocking Chair and imagine what an ant must feel like!


  1. Mapquest is right you are nuts... huh, this thing says I have a blog on here somewhere, that's scary. Send me pics of your house! I would love to see it, I am still trying to get this one set up and I'll send pics of the house and such. Love ya!

  2. Hey you aren't supposed to tell people I'm crazy!! lol

    I'll take some pics as soon as we get back home.