Friday, June 12, 2009

Going, Going, Gone!

Yea the garage sale is over! By 7 am we had people outside already picking through things. One of our first customers was someone who resells items and she bought a truck load! After that it was a pretty steady stream, and by 8:3o we had sold at least half of our stuff. We were busy all afternoon and by lunch time we were down to just a few scraggly items (mostly books and clothes) and were trying to give things away. It's amazing how many people still didn't want some things! After lunch we had several cars drive by and not stop so we just packed up the last couple boxes of things and took them to the Salvation Army. Thankfully we sold it all today so we don't have to do it again tomorrow because it was miserably hot today. The high was 102 degrees today and I think it hit early. I'm talking the temperature people, not the heat index. I don't even want to know what it was. We were melting by the end and I'm thrilled to be done. Now it's off to bed...


  1. That's hard work!! I'm glad it was you and not me. Although, my oldest boy and I are scheming about having a booth at the farmer's market to sell the plants he's propagating. That should be an interesting day.

  2. Definitely do a booth at the Farmer's Market. That would rock. I'm thinking of doing an honor stand (probably next year though).