Saturday, May 14, 2011

Afternoon Activity: Tree Transplant

With all the rain we've been getting there hasn't been much lawn mowing going on lately. The plus side to that is that there are lots of little Maple trees popping up throughout the yard. This afternoon warmed up just enough to get outside and we needed a good activity so we decided to rescue some of those trees before the hubby mowed them down.

Afternoon Activity Tree Planting
We took the leftover styrofoam cups from Mother's Day and punched holes in the bottom with a nail. We put all our cups into a large pan to keep them from blowing away when we took them outside and then we placed a few small rocks in the bottom of each cup to help with drainage.

Tree Planting Pic 2
Once we got outside we filled each cup about half full with some potting soil leftover from planting our garden and headed off in search of trees.

Tree Planting Pic 3
They were a little tricky to find in some spots but Kinsley did a great job searching them out (and then letting mama do the digging). We placed one sapling in each cup.

Tree Planting Pic 4
Then quality control had to come and check our work and make sure everything was going according to plan.

Tree Planting Pic 5
We filled the remaining half of our cups with potting soil making sure each sapling was packed in well and watered them in.

Tree Planting Pic 6
Now just to sit back, watch and hope that they grow. And no, we don't have any idea what we're going to do with 16 Maple trees.


  1. Well, if you lived close to me I would take some and plant them when they were big enough. Great fun.

  2. Well we should have let you have them. They all died. :( A garden I can grow but things in pots/containers, not so much. Kinsley was so sad.