Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Etsy Mention

I've went back and forth (and back and forth and...) over how much connection to have between my blog, facebook page and Etsy shop. I've tried to keep my blog somewhat Etsy free and since I've been so busy with custom orders that's kept the blog pretty post free. No good. I've also not posted a lot of blog stuff on my facebook page which has kept the page pretty post free too. Sigh. I feel like it's all very much a part of who I am and what goes on in our lives so I want to find a cohesive feel to bringing them all together. When you "work" from home it's very hard to separate the two. Obviously the way I was doing it wasn't working so I'm going to be tweaking the balance a bit over the next few weeks so bear with me and let me know how you feel about the posts meshing together.

Like I said though, I've been crazy busy with custom orders and here is the last one I just finished.

Custom for Mel

I am in love with this color combo (so cute it matched her daughters' birthday party) and the ruffles on the little dress? Love. I need to dig back out the pictures of the other dresses too. And work on a better backdrop for photographing them...


  1. I was SO beyond thrilled with these gorgeous dresses! I cannot speak highly enough of how well they were made and how gorgeous they are in person. I didn't get a chance to take any proper pictures at the party nut I will definitely get some soon.

  2. How very sweet. :) They were so much fun to make and your colors were gorgeous.