Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meet Lailey


I just realized that I never introduced everyone to Kinsley's special doll Lailey. I love the waldorf style dolls and had been wanting to get Kinsley one for Christmas but I just could not justify spending $200 on a doll for a 3 year old when she already had so many babies. And the thought of trying to make one before Christmas gave me a mild panic attack. I couldn't stop thinking about all the beautiful dolls and Kinsley and I liked to look at them online while we were searching for crafty ideas. One day Kinsley saw one that she loved and told me she wanted her to come live with us. She even gave the doll a name, Lailey. I knew I had to figure out something so I started searching for patterns and tutorials to make my very own Waldorf style doll. Thankfully I stumbled across Ashtabeulah on Etsy and all was well again. I ordered a 12" ready to finish doll and just hoped I could have it finished before Christmas morning came. It probably wouldn't have been such an issue if I started this process before the end of November. Ha!

After it arrived I stared at it for a couple days before I got up the courage to actually start sewing. I ordered some awesome handspun yarn from Funky Yarns and it was a perfect match to Kinsley's wild and crazy hair. I can't say enough about her awesome yarns. I want them all!!

I crocheted her a pretty pink sweater and quickly sewed up a little matching skirt and she was ready to meet her new mama. Of course I was, and still am, super critical of my work but when Kinsley saw her and exclaimed "IT'S LAILEY!!!!" and gave her a big hug I knew it was worth staying up until the wee hours on Christmas Eve to make her come to life.

The weather has finally started to warm up here and Kinsley is back to wearing a dress every chance she gets. One afternoon this week she came to me and asked if we could make Lailey a dress because she was getting too hot so that's just what we did.

Lalie's New Dress

I pulled out our tub of scrap fabrics and Kinsley got right to work.

Kins and Lailey

She had a butterfly dress picked out for herself to wear that afternoon so she insisted that Lailey wear the bumblebee fabric so they could both be animals that love flowers. With a little help from mama she sewed a pretty little summer dress for Lailey and they were ready to head outside to play.

Lailey's new dress
I think Lailey is very happy with her new dress and pigtails. Even if she needs a bit of a haircut. Poor Lailey often gets pulled around by her hair stretching the wool fibers so every once in a while she needs a trim. I think it's time.

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