Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hair Bow Holder

Finished bow Holder

I've had the idea to make one of those pretty hairbow holders you see at craft shows ever since Kinsley finally grew some hair. Thanks to a push from a friend of mine I finally made one. So what if Kinsley is almost four, I'm not talking about it...

It was so simple to make that I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. I didn't want anything huge since we're not that big into hairbows or free space to put one.

Supplies for Bow Holder
I picked up all my supplies at Hobby Lobby except for the paint and glue which I already had on hand. Truth be told I already had a lot of scrapbook paper at home too but I really like this one. The total cost was around $2 to pick up what I needed. Even if you had to buy everything you could still complete this project for less than $5.

First we painted the wooden letter and wooden plague with some regular old acrylic craft paint and let it dry. This part is great if you have littles helping you, I know mine loves to paint.

Once the paint was dry it was time to glue the scrapbooking paper to the front. Since I'm too lazy to actually measure the size I needed I cheated a bit. I just threw the paper on top and ran my finger around the edge of the wood to crease it. Easy peasy and the perfect fit. I used a regular Elmer's gluestick to glue my paper down but you could use Mod Podge, spray adhesive or any other glue you have handy.

Once the paper was on we hotglued the wooden letter to the front and our ribbons to the back. Done. The whole project took us less than 30 minutes and $2, not too shabby.

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