Friday, May 13, 2011

Birthday Party Fun

We're enjoying a lazy weekend in the house since the weather is too cold and rainy to be out doing much. Last weekend though was a very different story. The girls went to their first ever (non-family) birthday party. From the moment the invitation arrived in the mail Kinsley started planning. She knew exactly what she wanted to give her "very best friend" and we went to work.

Avy's Cupcakes

The last playdate the girls had was at our house and Kinsley had the best time playing kitchen with her little friends so she insisted that we must make some kitchen things. And we did. We put together these yummy looking felt cupcakes (not chocolate because "only white cake is good"). We also picked up some pretend cookies and pizza because a girl can not live on cupcakes alone, although it might be fun to try.

Then we realized she needed something to hold her new goodies.

Avy's Bag

We made this fun little cupcake bag and embroidered her name on it to make it even more special. I think it turned out very well and Kinsley couldn't wait to surprise her friend.

The girls had a blast running and playing but no one had more fun than Kaitlyn did. Kaitlyn got her very first cupcake and DEVOURED it in absolutely no time. I think she'll do fine with her smash cake on her birthday (in less than a month...sigh).

Kait and Cake

Kait and cake Pic 3


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