Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy 11 Months Kaitie Baby

Blog Pic 5

Another month and we'll be celebrating her being a year old. I'm just not ready. She has changed so much in the last month, even just in the last week really. Her little personality is cracking us all up and she is loving being the center of attention. She's finally becoming confident enough in her walking to let go of furniture and do it all on her own. She's becoming quite brave and adding climbing to the mix as well. We are in so much trouble with her, she has absolutely no fear.

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She still only has 4 teeth but she has three more coming in all at the same time. I'm really going to miss this cheesy little grin when all her new teeth come in.

Blog Pic 1

She's really starting to enjoy exploring her world and loves to go outside. She is happiest when she is outside and when we make her come back in she walks to the back door and bangs on it saying "bye bye" until we let her go back out again. I am so thankful the weather is warming up enough that we can spend most of the day outside. Now if I could just figure out how to get her to stop eating grass. And dirt, and rocks, and leaves, and...

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But at least she's happy about it.

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