Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Food for bartering

Recently I found myself with a chance to barter with a spectacularly lovely mama whose work I've coveted for a while now.  Of course I was happy to jump at the chance, I love bartering.  Love it.  It's such a lovely way to do business really and I wish it were more popular.  For me especially it's so much fun because I always have a ton of craft supplies on hand (don't we all?) and it's a great chance to use some supplies to make something lovely for someone and get something wonderful in return.

For my part in this exchange I was put to the task of making an assortment of play food for her daughter's imaginative play.  My girls play with their kitchen and play food absolutely every day, without fail, so I was excited to provide that outlet for creativity for someone else's little girl.  It was a fun excuse to try out a few things I haven't done before and I made a few old favorites as well.

The only downside is that now my girls are expecting me to make them every piece that they didn't already have in their own kitchen.  I suppose that isn't a horrible problem to have.  As long as they still love mama-made creations I'm beyond happy to make for them.  Though they'll have to wait a bit to give my hands just a bit of a break.  All this crochet and hand sewing is hard on my hands after a while.

I really had to keep a close eye on these donuts to make sure they didn't disappear while I wasn't looking.

Play Food 4

Play Food 5 Play Food 6

They were probably the favorite around here and I know they'll be the very first thing I remake.  I also made a couple small stacks of pancakes.  One traditional set and one with strawberry syrup as that's a new favorite topping around here.

Play Food 7

Play Food 8

Play Food 9

Aren't the little fresh strawberries adorable?  I also got to work with my new favorite crafting supplies, needle felting.  I am having so much fun with it so I wanted to try a couple of felted fried eggs instead of the normal felt eggs I usually make.  These were so much fun and are the perfect completion to a pretend breakfast.  

Play Food 3

I also made an assortment of crochet and felt fruits and veggies to complete the set. 

Play Food 10

Play Food 17

Play Food 18

Play Food 14
The pattern for these lovely mushrooms were on Ravelry - the little brown topped ones from here and the other from this pattern.  They were so much fun!

Play Food 11

Play Food 12

 The grapes were a special request and I was happy to give them a try.  I think they turned out pretty fantastic even if I do have to say so myself.  Really it would be hard to pick a favorite and so many of these were new ideas so it really kept the project fresh and interesting.  I hope she has as much fun pretending and playing as I was able to have creating for her.  

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