Wednesday, July 23, 2014

KCW: Day 3 Twirl Skirt

Three days into the Kids Clothes Week challenge and I've already made three skirts, I'm calling that a major win.  Not everything I have planned for the week is going to fit in with the "kid art" theme because I'm making myself complete the week using only fabrics from my stash.  There are so many amazing fabrics out right now that I could easily convince myself I needed for this week, but I'm resisting.  Somehow.  Have you seen the Wee Wander collection?  It's a miracle I haven't caved.  I'm pretty sure I need a fabric shopping reward for not buying any this week right?

But for now I'm staying strong and using fabrics that I bought ages ago that have sat unloved until now.  It feels good to finally put these fabrics to good use and to make a bit more room in my sewing area as well.  It was beginning to get a bit crowded in here and I actually started to feel guilty about the amount of unused fabric.  Shocking right?  The fabrics I used today on this skirt were purchased two (seriously, two) years ago to make a skirt just like this.  Why in the world did it take me two years to finally use a fabric that I bought with a project already in mind?  Especially something so simple.

Though, I guess it didn't turn to be the quickest of simple projects.  Sometimes it is the simplest projects that turn out to give you the most trouble.  That turned out to be the case with this "simple" layered skirt.  It was nothing but user error by not paying attention to my layers as I sewed them together...yep, I sewed the middle layer in with the seams facing out.  Sigh.  It was an easy (though time consuming) fix, and in roughly twice the time it should have taken the skirt was finished.

Floral Skirt 1

Floral Skirt 3

Floral Skirt 5 

 This girl of mine and her love of long skirts.  Skirts and dresses can be hard to find in a length that will please her, especially as she gets older and even taller.  Thank goodness for a mama that can keep her well stocked for as long as she's still into this style - which I realize could change at absolutely any moment.  I was a little concerned it had passed right in the middle of sewing this skirt actually.  Midway through when she walked by and commented "Mama, I'm just not so sure about it.  It's awfully long isn't it?" as she scowled at the fabrics I thought for sure I was going to end up having to find a new home for it.  Thankfully the moment it was finished she declared it to be "just beautiful and perfect" and I was able to breathe a sigh of relief as I watched her twirl about the room in it.  I think the twirl factor might have saved me on this one.  Whew.

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