Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Swimming

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There are few things better than these sweet and simple joys of summertime.  As the temperature rises on these oh so long days of summer we're finding it harder and harder to pull ourselves outside.  It's a bit of a weird phenomenon really.  While many people look forward to summer weather and the opportunity to spend a bit more time outside, we tend to do our hibernating during this time.  The humidity of an Oklahoma Summer has a tendency to do that to us.  Really you'd think that we'd be used to it after all of these years but that simply hasn't been the case.  

There does seem to be one exception that bring all of us out even on the hottest of days...water.  These days they are practically living in their swimsuits - putting them on first thing in the morning just in case there is time for a quick swim or run through the sprinkler at any point during our day.  And to their great enjoyment we've managed to find many opportunities for just those very things these past several days.  It's hard to say no when I know just how much fun the yes will be.  

So for now we ignore the laundry still waiting in the dryer and the to-do list begging for attention.  Summer already seems to be slipping away and I know that soon we'll be packing up the swimsuits and beach towels, trading them in for longer pants and light jackets.  So for now, while we can, we are going to soak up all the Summer time sweetness we can.  

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