Tuesday, July 22, 2014

KCW: Day 1 Fairy Skirt

Yesterday was the first day of Kids Clothes Week, and it took me by surprise just like every other time.  I knew that if I didn't jump right in with something simple to get myself started I'd probably just skip out on the whole week and I really didn't want to do that this time.  The theme for this week is "kid art" and I knew that was the perfect theme for us to really jump into.  We really love art around here!  

Fairy Skirt 2

I started out with making this very basic skirt while the kiddos were napping yesterday.  A simple linen rectangle with a solid white border at the bottom, an elastic waistband and done!  It couldn't have been easier.  I had such grand ideas for what we could do with this skirt to embellish it, thinking wholly towards hand embroidering some of her awesome artwork along the white band. 

Of course the second she saw the skirt she had other plans.  Crafting with children really is the ultimate exercise in learning to let go of control.  Very rarely do my children have the same vision for a project as I do and sometimes it can be hard for me to step back and let them take over and create their own vision.  Hesitantly I handed her the skirt and told her to have at it - create whatever you think would be perfect.  Immediately she gathered up her sketch book, pencil, and fabric markers to get to work, drawing out her designs before transferring them to her skirt.

Fairy Skirt 3

Fairy Skirt 4

Fairy Skirt 5

I'm so thankful I was able to get out of her way on this project as I watched this simple skirt transform into the canvas for her art.  She spent a great deal of time working on each detail, coming alive as new ideas popped into her head as she worked.  In the end she created this amazing one of a kind fairy skirt that she (and I) are both so very proud of.  

Fairy Skirt 7

Fairy Skirt 8

Fairy Skirt 9

Fairy Skirt 12

A beautiful world of fairies represented on her skirt hem, even the back is full of them.  Such a simple project, and yet, I feel this might be one of the most important pieces we've created together.  I cannot wait for the rest of this week!

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  1. This is so cute! I would have such a hard time letting my kid go like that- being totally honest here. It is so precious, though. I really ought to try it...