Friday, July 15, 2011

Art in the Park

Following along with the nature theme this week for the Smart Summer Challenge today the girls and I did a little art in the park. We loaded up the wagon with a quick and easy breakfast, our art supplies and we were off.

First order of business was a quick breakfast to give us the energy we needed for a morning at the park.

Picnic Breakfast
We had some whole wheat tortillas with a little peanut butter and wrapped around a banana, blueberries and grapes. Perfect picnic breakfast.

Then it was time to get our art out. Last night I printed out the outline of the numbers 1 and 3 for the girls to create with their found items. The scoured the park looking for bits and pieces to glue to their outlines.

Art in the Park
Kaitie's number one was an easy task and really she was more interested in throwing the rocks than playing along.

Serious Art
Kinsley, however, took her artwork very seriously inspecting each thing very carefully to make sure it would work for her.

Art in the park Pic 2
She was very proud of her finished product. She especially liked the tiny little feather and was SO excited when Daddy surprised us at lunch time and she got to show off her artwork.

After all that creativity it was time to cut loose and play for a bit.

The only downside was the mosquitos, they are awful this year and nothing seems to keep them away.


  1. oh, I LOVE, love, love how you made this morning so fun for your little ones--so simple, but this easy and focused fun learning is totally awesome. Thanks for linking up to the smart summer challenge, and know that you are one rockin' mama!

  2. What a smart idea! You taught your kiddos about numbers AND nature, all while giving their observation skills a work-out. Awesome!

  3. your creative idea for the kids :) Looks like you all had fun and the breakfast looks yummy :)

  4. Thank you all very much. It's these easy learning moments that sometimes have the biggest impact.