Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Series: Glow Stick Lanterns

Glow Stick Lanterns

This fun little project didn't make it to our Summer Fun Calendar since typically the girls are in bed before it's dark enough to do this. Tonight we were up late thanks to some neighborhood fireworks and a cranky baby sister so it was the perfect fun activity.

Kinsley's lantern

Just take your glow stick, cut the top off and dump the contents into a jar. Shake it up and the kids have their very own glowing lanterns. Easy Peasy. The contents are non-toxic but be careful because it will stain your clothing.

We used some old canning jars I had in the cabinet but you could use any container with a tight fitting lid. If you used a plastic jar even the littlest ones could participate. They would be great for nightlights during a camp out and even the adults thought they were pretty awesome. Kinsley is using hers as an extra nightlight tonight.


  1. Beth Texley7/19/11, 2:01 PM

    Very cool idea. They could also make cool hanging lanterns for a party if you put wire around the top. Hope you don't mind I pin'ed it with that idea too.

  2. verrrry cool really want to do that