Sunday, July 24, 2011

Smart Summer: Feeding the birds

Birdseed Hangers Pic 1

We didn't get nearly enough of our activities finished for Forest Friendly Week due to a last minute trip out of town to visit family but we had a great time on our trip so it was worth it.

We did manage to make some homemade bird feeders before we left though. We followed along with this post over at Alpha Mom but used the recipe that she mentioned in the comments. I was worried about them not sticking well enough so we picked the recipe that used less water just to give ours a better chance.

Birdseed Hangers pic 7
You can see that you don't need many ingredients for this easy project.

Birdseed Hangers Pic 3
We used a variety of different cookie cutters for our feeders. The larger cookie cutters without much design did better than the more intricate designs. The leaf didn't not fare well at all but honestly we should probably have let them sit quite a while longer or put them in the freezer to speed up the drying process.

Birdseed Hangers Pic 2
We still ended up with several to hang so it wasn't a total wash, thankfully.

To fill the time while we were waiting for our birdseed ornaments to harden we decided to make a different type of feeder. I pulled out some pipe cleaners and Cheerios and put the girls to work.

Birdseed Hangers Pic 5

Birdseed Hangers Pic 8
Just have the kids string the Cheerios onto the pipe cleaners and they can bend them into any shape they please. Easy peasy. Even my littlest girl thought this was a great activity.

Birdseed Hangers Pic 4
Though I don't think she realized they were to feed the birds and not her. This might not be a bad snack idea afterall. Ha!

There are tons of homemade bird feeder ideas all over the web that you could try. I have this popsicle stick feeder and this orange peel feeder bookmarked for us to use this fall.


  1. You could put out water for them for this week. They get thirsty after a snack and as hot as it is.

  2. We've been trying to keep our birdbath filled as well but it doesn't seem to last long in this heat.

  3. They turned out great! I tried to do this without gelatin (used sunflower nut butter) and it was a failure. Next time I'll have to remember the gelatin!