Thursday, July 28, 2011

Smart Summer: Baby Doll Bathtime

We're getting closer to the end of Water Fun Week in the Smart Summer Challenge but we still have a ton of activities lined up. Thanks to MaryLea at Pink and Green Mama for the inspiration to do a little baby doll washing.

The girls have two baby dolls that they adore that just happen to be made of plastic so this is a perfect activity for them. I will admit though that it irks me just a bit that the two favorites right now are storebought plastic dolls and not any of the cloth dolls (bought or handmade) but that's life so I try to let it go.

Baby Doll Wash Pic 1

I wasn't quite as brave as MaryLea so I didn't give Kait the opportunity to flood the house and instead set the girls up with a washing station outside in their water table. It was a good way to enjoy the evening before bed and the girls could get as wet as their babies if they wanted. Kinsley would have been fine with this activity indoors though so if your kids are quite as young as my littlest it would be fine for in the house.

I simply filled the water table with clean water, gave them some baby shampoo and small crocheted washcloths and let them do the rest.

Baby Doll Wash Pic 2

Kait was, as usual, not terribly impressed with our plan and didn't really care if her baby was dirty or not.

Baby Doll Wash Pic 3

This was pretty much the extent of her participation, a baby under her arm and the washcloth in her mouth. Oh well.

Baby Doll Wash Pic 4

Kinsley did a very thorough job of washing her baby "Lola". For the longest time this doll was known as "K-O-O Baby" we have no idea why but suddenly one day her name became Lola.

This was a great activity for Kinsley because she loves to imitate everything that I do. She did a terrific job and it was sweet to listen to her talking to and comforting her baby during the bathing process. I'll have to start letting her do this more often.


  1. Love it! Glad they had fun : )


  2. Good idea, I'll have to do this next time I set up the kiddie pool. Oh and Megan always chooses the plastic doll over the nice cuddly cloth one "santa" made.

  3. awesome idea! thanks. we will have to do this.