Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smart Summer: Cardboard Roll Goldfish Kites

I was searching Pinterest for some good ideas to go along with Water Fun Week when I came across this post over at Lightly Enchanted and knew they would be perfect and easy for Kinsley to complete on her own.

Goldfish Kites
All you need are some empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, a package of streamers and some glue. Total cost just at $1.00, not bad.

Goldfish Kites Pic 2
Put a strip of glue down the length of your cardboard roll.

Goldfish Kites Pic 3
Wrap your streamer around the roll. I put a little extra glue around the rim just to make sure everything stayed in place.

Goldfish Kites Pic 4
Cut several lengths of streamer for your tail, make them as long or short as you would like. Ours are about 16-18" in length.

Goldfish Kites Pic 5
Put a strip of glue inside the rim of the roll and glue your tail pieces on.

Goldfish Kites Pic 6
Here is where you can give your goldfish some eyes and decoration if you want. We used pom poms for eyes just because we had them handy and couldn't find any googly eyes. You could also use paper, felt or even just a marker. Then just punch a couple holes in the mouth and tie on a string for flying.

Goldfish Kites Pic 7
Ta-da! Your own flying goldfish.


  1. wow, looks wonderful, hope you get to fly it soon :D

  2. Thanks so much. We took them out to fly the next day but of course didn't get any pictures.

  3. very nice and eazy to do