Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Series: Beat the Heat With Water

This summer has been ridiculously hot so far and it's made it nearly impossible to spend much time outside. The only ways to beat the heat are to go out first thing in the morning or drench ourselves with water. Since we're not really morning people we've done a lot of playing in the water.

Water table 2
The girls love the new water table, it has definitely become a favorite new toy. It will be great to bring inside this fall and turn into a sensory table too, I can't wait.

Water Day Pic 5

Water Day Pic 4
And of course you can't call it summer unless you get to run through a sprinkler.

Water Day Pic 3

Water Day Pic 2

Water Day Pic 1
The girls had a blast at the splash park by grandma's house on our last visit. Kinsley made sure they packed their swimsuits "just in case" they went again while they are spending the weekend with her. I have a feeling they'll definitely make it there again.

Water balloons

Water fight


We also got the cousins to come over and had a huge water fight. I learned two things that day.

1) It takes about 25 times longer to fill up water balloons than it does to pop them all. We did more than 100 balloons and I swear it felt like it only took them 3 minutes to use them all up. Thankfully we also had made more sponge balls.

2) Kaitlyn doesn't care about water fights as long as she can find a way to drink the water from her pool. Silly girl.

We really haven't done any swimming this summer since neither girl can swim on their own and I just don't feel comfortable taking them on my own. Hopefully soon we'll all make it out to the pool.


  1. Looks like you all have been having fun this Summer so far :)

  2. Yes, as much as we can manage in all this heat. We are definitely looking towards fall already though.