Monday, December 15, 2014

A hat for Kinsley

There has been a whole lot of elving going on around our house lately.  Some more secret than others.  I love the little craft areas that are popping up in various corners, whispers, and cries of "don't look in this box!" that are going on right now.  I love seeing the enthusiasm they have over new projects and finding just the right colors to make a special gift for someone they love.

I hope that they continue to love to give (and receive) handmades for the rest of their days.  I know that I'm soaking up these days of them still thinking it's awesome when mama makes something new for them.  While these things are still their favorites I can't resist making just one more of their requests, like this new pink hat that Kinsley desperately needed.   Nevermind the fact that we have a basket full of various hats, headbands, and earwarmers that have been made for them over the years.  Surely we always are in need of just one more.

Cherub Beanie 3 - Copy

Cherub Beanie 2 - Copy

Cherub Beanie 1 - Copy

She picked the Cherub Cheeks Beanie pattern on Ravelry and a beautiful pink wool from my stash for her hat.  And she added a white button because everything is better with a pretty button on it. 

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