Thursday, December 11, 2014

Advent Week Two: Plants

The second light of Advent
is the light of plants,
Plants that reach up to the sun
and in the breezes dance.

*   *   *   *   *  

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Once again I'm reminded that sometimes the simplest traditions end up being the most meaningful.  As we wind down for bedtime in the evenings the girls excitedly gather around our Advent table to light the candles and read a story from our book.  Such a small simple moment that has really grounded us during this busy time of year.

An Advent table doesn't have to be an expensive or time consuming set up to make it beautiful and special.  A simple cloth draped over a wooden base and some fresh greenery we gathered over the weekend has become a favorite location in our home.  A simple verse read, candles lit, and a page from our Advent Storybook make these few moments of evening time special for  us.

Start simple.  Start small.  Sometimes less really can be more.  Will we add more to Advent as the years go on?  Perhaps.  But for now, we are truly enjoying a more simple holiday season.  

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