Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Merry Mail

Christmas Cards 1

Christmas Cards 3

Christmas Cards 2

Christmas Cards 5

I'm not sure why, but Christmas cards have always been one of the hardest things on my holiday list to actually complete on time.  I buy them early (sometimes even the year before) and I even write them out early most years, but they still never seem to make it to the post office on time.  This year I was determined to break that cycle and actually get cards in the mail in a somewhat timely manner.  I bought the stamps early, pulled out the cards and took over the table with Christmas cards in an effort to get them finished and out the door.  

Getting the kids involved really helped.  We all sat down and worked on our cards together while listening to our favorite Christmas music.  The girls also had some ornaments to work on that I found here.  We didn't laminate ours, simply printed them out on cardstock.  The girls handed them out at a Christmas program this week and they were a big hit.  

I love when something so small can brighten someone's day just a bit.  I think that's why I love Christmas cards so much.  It's so nice to open the mailbox and find something fun and festive this time of year.  We decorated our envelopes with stickers we picked up at the local craft store and I think it made a big difference.  Wouldn't you love to open your mailbox and find something like this peeking out at you?  

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