Monday, December 1, 2014

Goodbye to Autumn

With the start of December we are ready to embrace the coming winter and holiday season, and all that they bring.  But first, we must say goodbye to autumn and all the beauty that it gave us.

Autumn 3

Autumn Nature table 1

Autumn 2

Thankful Tree 2

Thanksgiving 3

Autumn Book Basket 2 

 The silence in this space was a good representation of the hustle and bustle that seemed to envelop us over the course of this past autumn.  I feel as though I merely blinked and it was over. Truthfully, many of our favorite activities and traditions were raced through or forgotten all together this year and I'm not really sure how we let that happen. 

With the start of a new month and season upon us, my focus will be shifting towards bringing us all together and staying present in each moment. It is so easy to be swept up in invitations and obligations this time of year, but it is incredibly important that we find the time to come together as a family and nourish that connection to one another. My favorite memories of this time of year rarely involve running about from place to place, shopping trips, or things of the like. What I look back on and enjoy the most are the simple moments of singing carols while decorating the tree, baking sugar cookies, or snuggling up and watching a favorite holiday movie. 

These are the moments that I want to savor and give priority to this holiday season. These are the moments that truly matter.

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