Saturday, December 6, 2014

Advent Week One: Stones

*  *  *

The first light of Advent 
is the light of stones,
Light that lives in
 seashells, crystals, and bones.

*  *  *

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We're nearing the end of the first week of Advent, and our first week to really honor it in our home.  In the past I always felt so intimidated by the beautiful Advent celebrations in Waldorf circles and wasn't sure how to bring that same beauty to our celebration.  That uncertainty kept me from taking that step, and year after year we barely touched upon Advent as we went on our way towards Christmas.  This year, in an effort to draw our focus inward I finally took the leap and made observing Advent a part of our daily rhythm.    

This has been such a beautiful and meaningful addition to our home already.  The quiet reverence, the simple beauty, and the lessons within make me wish we had done this years ago.  Our display is still simple, put together with pieces we had around us, except for the new addition of the beautiful Advent spiral which came from the amazingly talented Jenn from Oak Tree Vibrations.  She has been so sweet and helpful as we've added this beautiful facet to our holiday season, answering my questions and reminding me to trust in myself and keep things simple and meaningful to our family.  

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