Monday, September 13, 2010

And this is why I don't sleep...

I'm sitting here at the computer reading the latest musings from The Pioneer Woman and thinking that we need to be friends and then feeling silly for thinking that but then thinking that it's not completely ridiculous since she doesn't live that far away and I am a nice girl and all, when I hear it. The sound that jerks me out of a sound sleep all too often, the hubby jumping out of bed, yelling and barking orders. This wouldn't be so strange if he were still in the Army, it wasn't the middle of the night and he was actually awake and talking to someone but none of those things are true. He hasn't been in the Army for several years now, it is in fact the middle of the night but wait...he isn't alone. It's that final thought that had me up and sprinting across the house with my heart pounding. You see we're still visiting my parents and as such are sharing a room with our littlest baby, who's sound her travel the floor. Panic does not even begin to describe my feeling as I race to the bedroom (who knew I could run so fast). Thankfully he's still on his side of the room and she is still sound asleep. Sigh. So now I've retreated back to the living room realizing that I will now be awake until I have fully calmed down and am again relaxed enough to sleep. Guess I'll go see who else in blogland needs to be my friend...Night all

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