Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mini Vacay Week

Whew. That's really the only way to describe the past week or so. We (hubby, the girls and I) came down with mom & dad to help them unload all their stuff into their new house. Well hubby unloaded, I stayed in the house with the girls. Hey someone had to do it. It worked out really nicely for us since their new house is about 15 minutes away from where hubby has been working this past month so we (the girls and I) decided to stay for the week. It's been great for us to get to see each other every night since we hadn't seen him at all in a couple weeks and we've had a really great time. We decided to turn the free time we've had together into a little mini vacation and hit some of the touristy (is that a word) attractions around here.

First stop was the Omniplex, which I think is now called the Oklahoma Science Museum. Neither hubby or I had been since we were kids and were both excited to take Kinsley and see what she thought of it.

September 6 Omniplex 001

A lot had changed, of course, since we had last visited but there were still some of the old faves in action. It was surprising to see what exhibits sparked her curiosity and which ones sent her running. She loved to play with the "dirt". We kept telling her it was sand but she insisted it was dirt. Mostly she loved sweeping it off the table which is very much her nature. She likes things to be lined up and tidy so that wasn't too surprising. She was intrigued by the picture it made though and that led us to the next activity...

September 6 Omniplex 006

She got to make a huge piece of artwork for her room. She was so proud of herself picking out the colors she wanted, the design she liked and moving the table to make it appear. She even signed her name when she was done. Sure it was only a 'K' and an 'I' but I was so proud of her. She loved the water table experiments and the big tractor they had for the kids to sit in. She is such a country girl, never mind these are things she does at home all the time. That's probably why she liked them so much, they were familiar. She hated the science show and we ended up having to leave before it was even half over. They were doing experiments with fire and explosions and her chicken side came out in a hurry. She loved the indoor playground and the model trains though. Her favorite was definitely the sand table though, I can't even count the number of times we went back to it. It was a fun morning but probably an outing better suited to the over 5 crowd.

Our next stop was the Oklahoma City Zoo. We knew this would be a big hit since she loves the zoo at home. Again neither of us had been in years but it was every bit as wonderful as we remembered. I was immediately impressed when right inside the gate was a lovely room outfitted specifically for nursing mothers. That is definitely a new addition but it was incredible. It was roomy, clean and nicely decorated. Major brownie points to them on this one. One thing we had both forgotten was how much more natural this zoo is than many others. Yes there is a lot of fencing and of course concrete pathways but there is a ridiculous amount of greenery and you just feel closer and more connected to everything. The first wildlife we saw was this beautiful peacock and her adorable babies wandering around.

Sept 11 okc zoo 003

They were so cute. It was a lovely overcast day so the temperature was perfect and all of the animals were out for show. The petting zoo was a big hit and she loved the little pig they had in the barn. She didn't like the exhibits with the alligators and hippos because they smelled but she loved the monkeys, big cats and having her picture taken with the various statues around.

Sept 11 okc zoo 004

She also thought it was great to feed the ducks and catfish in the pond and a little squirrel decided to befriend her in order to con her out of some of her cheerios.

Sept 11 okc zoo 009

He was cute though.

Sept 11 okc zoo 011

My favorite was the big Grizzly. They have bears at the zoo at home but they are forever away from you and rarely out and about. This one was happily laying around posing for pictures.

Sept 11 okc zoo 016

I told you Kinsley loved the monkeys right? They were the only animals that SHE insisted on taking a picture of...

Sept 11 okc zoo 010

Sept 11 okc zoo 006

She's becoming quite the little photographer. Pretty good for a 2 year old I'd say. It was so much fun and we did go to a couple other museums this week too but I'll leave that for another day. This has already turned into the longest blog post ever. And no we didn't leave Kaitlyn behind but she was a little doll and pretty much slept through both places. But just so she isn't left out of the fun...

September 6 Omniplex 018

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