Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flower Girl

I have so many things I want to blog about. Felt food, toys for the girls, custom order I've been working on, gifts for next weekend's baby shower... The list goes on and on, but yesterdays wedding pictures pushed right to the front of the list.

Rocky's cousin got married yesterday and Kinsley was the flower girl. It was a beautiful ceremony and the bride was absolutely lovely. Kinsley has been so excited about dressing up like a princess and being in this wedding. She's been talking about it for weeks now. She was also looking forward to "marrying that little boy", it was really very cute. Even with all of her excitement I was still a bit nervous about how she would do when we actually got there. She doesn't deal well with crowds or strangers so the drive to the rehearsal was spent talking about how fun and exciting everything would be, hoping it would help. She did exactly as I thought she would when the rehearsal started. She took two steps towards the wedding party, and away from me, and bawled. She was too scared to stand with them unless I was standing right next to her. She was so sad. She liked the little ring bearer though, but who wouldn't he was such a cutie.

Justin's Wedding 015

So they went on with the rehearsal and the bridesmaids kept talking to her and telling her how beautiful she was and eventually she started to warm up to them. I also resorted to that oldest of parenting tricks, bribery. And yes, I am proud of it. I had stopped at Target and bought a new Snow White doll just incase I needed it. Thankfully the doll, making friends with the "big princesses" and having to help the little boy all added up to her being ready to be a princess. They ran through the ceremony again and she did pretty well. It was looking up for the actual ceremony...

Justin's Wedding 035

The next morning she woke up ready to get married so we were optimistic. I walked with her to her starting place and stood with her until it was time for her to make her entrance. I think my presence was unnecessary though because she stuck right by her "princess friend" and was ready to go. It was beyond adorable. The young pair walked out to "You Make Me Feel So Young" and little Jackson started dancing away. Kinsley did a teriffic job and stood right next to the bridesmaids until the ceremony was finished. I was so proud of her, and so was she. So now get ready for an overload of cuteness...

Justin's Wedding 045

Justin's Wedding 038

Justin's Wedding 047

Justin's Wedding 014

Justin's Wedding 044

Justin's Wedding 007

Justin's Wedding 024

If you'll notice in all the pictures her basket it still full of flower petals. Since she walked out holding hand with Jackson she didn't have a hand left to toss her flowers. A fact that she was less than thrilled with after the ceremony had ended, so she walked back up to the front and started tossing them out afterwards. It was adorable. And then there was Kinsley's favorite part, her shoes...

Justin's Wedding 051

How flippin cute are those? Love them. And of course we can't leave out little Miss Kaitlyn.

Justin's Wedding 041


  1. Oh my goodness! What cuties! Kaitlyn is looking a lot like Kinsley these days!

  2. Thanks Linette. They certainly do look more alike, and more and more like their daddy.

    Oh and thanks for reading (and commenting) I'd swear I was just blogging for myself otherwise. Now I'm just blogging for you, lol ;)

  3. You are welcome! I enjoy reading it and all the pictures! Blog away!

  4. The pictures of Kinsley killed me when I saw them the day you posted this but I swear they just killed me again lol Where did you get the shoes? Love the necklace too :)

  5. My husbands aunt bought the shoes from Target online, I think they were only $14 or so. She loves them, and all things sparkly. ;)