Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Isn't it always the way

I was just starting to feel like my regular self again and am almost completely healed up from surgery (no thanks to the medical staff) and then I get this ridiculous head cold. Seriously? That's always the way it works though isn't it? I don't know how mamas can avoid getting whatever germs their children have picked up, I know I never can anyway. So I've been taking a break from any big crafting projects for a couple of days. I was afraid to cut into any beautiful fabric or try any complex designs while hopped up on Dayquil. Instead I've been finishing up loose ends...handsewing openings closed, stuffing some felt food, adding ribbons to baby booties and all that sort of thing. I had intended to show you some of those things but, of course, the batteries in the camera died. See how my week is going? The only batteries lying around are the cheapy ones for the kiddo's toys and they won't even turn my camera on. And to be perfectly honest with you I just don't feel like driving into town just to get batteries. I know, that's lazy but I'm blaming the cold. But since I hate to post without a picture you'll just have to get by with the last project I finished before my head became stuffed with cottonballs...

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