Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And a box of chicken

Kinsley's year in recap 007

That title will make sense when this is all over, I promise it's worth the wait. Still counting down the days to the birthday party and in going through some of the past year's (as in all of 2009 so yes I realize technically some of these pictures were before she turned 2 but we missed out on posting those too so here they are) pictures for this week I was shocked at how much she has really grown up. I mean I realize how big she seems/looks/acts right now but I guess seeing it day in and day out it seemed to sneak up on me. Looking at these pictures I can hardly believe it. It's been an incredible ride...
Lots of time spent outside last summer playing in the sun and having fun. I swear 99% of the pictures of Kinsley are taken outside. This girl has always loved to be outside. It doesn't matter why or what the weather is. You ask if she wants to go outside and she is gone!

Kinsley's year in recap 037
Do you see that look? Now I know exactly where she gets it from...

Kinsley's year in recap 010
Check out those shades! Soooo cool. She has actually always been really good about keeping her sunglasses on. In fact she has about 20 different pairs and would pick her own out every time she went outside.

Kinsley's year in recap 016
Making some beaded necklaces with mommy and daddy. She was much more interested in making sure daddy wore his than actually making her own though.

Kinsley's year in recap 049
And my little girl who is scared of ladybugs thought this was the ultimate summer pasttime last year. Seriously get near her with a ladybug and she'd scream, cry and run the other way. I have no idea why this didn't bother her.

Kinsley's year in recap 050

Kinsley's year in recap 047
And yes this picture is fuzzy but I don't care. I love it! It just so perfectly captured her excitement over her garden.

Kinsley's year in recap 042
See what a good little gardener she was? She had so much fun digging in the dirt and watering the plants with me. Then when things actually started to grow she just couldn't contain her excitement. She wandered through watching for things to grow and wanted to pick everything she saw whether it was ready or not. So fun. I hated that we didn't get a garden in this year though, next year for sure. Thankfully this year she got plenty of garden fun helping her Papa tend to his. She even picked, made and ate her own salad. She was so proud and so was I.

I love this silly little girl more than I can say. Not just for her love of nature, adventure and family but just for her general silliness. Like on the way home from town yesterday when she told me she wanted to be a box of chicken.

I'm sorry sweetie what did you say?

"I want to be a box of chicken."


"Not for my birthday, just for Halloween. Just some chicken in a box."

Okay sweetie whatever you want. I think I'll still make the Dorothy costume just in case though.


  1. The chicken in a box comment made me laugh, hehe! She is sooo precious, you make beautiful babies, Amanda!

  2. Thank you so much. She is a laugh riot, and now she wants to be a duck. "A duck mom, you know quack quack".